Is Ipe Decking a Natural Resistance to Termites?


In the last few years, Ipe Decking has gained in popularity as a viable alternative to hardwood decking. What is it? I'm (also pronounced EE-pay) is a high quality composite wood that delivers amazing visual qualities, while also being one of the most durable woods available on the market today. Ipe Decking consists of recycled fibers that are combined with specially-formulated resins. Together, these materials create a wood that is as dense as maple but offers the same amount of strength and durability as oak.

Ipe Decking contains no arsenic, as some other manufacturers use. Additionally, Ipe is one of the strongest, most durable woods available on the market. Typically, Ipe decking is responsibly harvested in South America, where it is used to create everything from floors to furniture to home accents. Ipe is highly renewable, as it is formed from fibers collected from young saplings. In addition, Ipe contains no tannins, which means it does not contain any volatile organic compounds (VOCs), making it highly resistant to the chemicals that are commonly used to control its growth.

Ipe Decking comes in two varieties: normal and dark brown. Typically, the dark brown variety is preferred for its beautiful deep color, and excellent fire and water resistance capabilities. While the normal wood is more average in color with a medium density, both varieties are extremely durable and visually striking.

When comparing the price list of various Ipe decking manufacturers, take a close look at the Temporo- Lansi brand. Temporo-Lansi Decking utilizes Brazilian walnut lumber, which comes from sustainable forests. The company works closely with local suppliers to ensure a high quality decking product. When comparing prices, factor in shipping costs, because products shipped from other countries may have higher import duties. Check out here deck gazebo.

Ipe Decking can also be installed on wood decking but is not recommended for use on aluminum or metal decks. Rather than come in contact with either one of these surfaces, Ipe is more effective on concrete, asphalt, or stone patios. Ipe Decking has been compared to termites in terms of its ability to resist damage from the elements, but when used on wood, it is more resistant to termite damage, but is not as resistant to weather damage. When Ipe Decking boards are used in conjunction with a sealer designed to protect wood from termites, the combination can provide extremely effective results. While it cannot prevent termites, Ipe Decking can enhance the longevity and beauty of your deck.

One of the most attractive features of Ipe Decking boards is that they are made in round instead of the usual square design. This ensures that they will fit seamlessly into most standard dimensions for residential hardwood decks. Ipe Decking can be purchased in different colors depending on your deck's interior and exterior design. The natural resistance to decay and attack by the elements makes this a perfect solution for those who want a low maintenance hardwood decking material available in a variety of beautiful colors. Check out here tongue and groove ceiling.

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